Comfort Tip – High Velocity Ducted System

There are several homes out there in which running ductwork just may not be practical. Every year we see several of these types of homes with limited or no space at all for our ductwork, yet the builder, homeowner or architect expects us to perform a miracle and just keep that nasty looking metal ductwork out of sight and out of mind. I have even seen several sets of house plans in which the heating and cooling is not even considered in the plans, this is a sad problem since most homes are uncomfortable and one of the most common complaints that a homeowner has with their new home is the temperature problems. Some of the issues that we run into is that there is no space or place to run the large rectangle ducts or our customer may insist that there can be no ductwork below the floor joist or no soffits built to conceal our ductwork. When this happens we do a lot of head scratching and try to come up with a logical solution without jeopardizing the homeowners comfort.

One of the solutions that we have available is to install a High Velocity Ducted System. With this type of ducted system we actual install several small pipes in the home instead of the commonly seen large ductwork. This type of system works really well for homes that are already built and the homeowner wants to add air conditioning but has limited space. It also works really well when we look at a new construction home with a large open floor plan. The open floor plans are becoming more and more popular due to advances in trusses and joist designs. With the open floor plans there are little to no interior walls in which we can run our ducts so the High Velocity makes a lot of sense.

Check out our You Tube video in which we installed a High Velocity System for more information, or just give me a call at (913) 954-4580.



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